World Of Anabolic Steroids

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Winstrol Results in Male Users

Both Winstrol (oral) and injectable Winstrol Depot are products of Winthrop Laboratories. These were introduced in the market in 1962. 

The steroid popularly known as Winstrol is actually Stanozolol. It belongs to the class of synthetic anabolic steroids and comes from testosterone. It is illegally utilized for bodybuilding purposes and is generally stacked (see:) Winstrol Stacks with anabolic steroids that are testosterone-based. 

Stanozolol is a popular choice because it results in enhancement of strength and energy without really inducing excessive weight gain. It is also known to stimulate escalations in vascularity. It is distinctive because it does not transform into estrogen. Another plus point is that it does not bring about excess water retention and often has a diuretic impact on your body. 

Bodybuilders and athletes frequently use Stanozolol because it helps in fat reduction and maintains lean body mass while adipose metabolism is in progress. It has proved to be very helpful when used effectively in a cutting Winstrol cycle; however; we cannot establish the fact that it possesses any distinctive fat burning qualities.

Stanzolo, however, possesses a few features that make it a favorite in pre-competition Winstrol cycles and stacks. Firstly, it never causes excessive water retention. Several bodybuilders feel that it acts as a diuretic. 

Secondly, there is enough circumstantial evidence to imply that this drug is a super success when burning body fat coupled with sustenance of muscle tissue. It, therefore, is a much-preferred steroid for the bodybuilders because of its double impact (burning body fat and preserving muscle tissue) during the pre-competition training days. It is available mostly as 5mg or 10mg tablets and 50 mg/ml injection. 

These days however, 100 mg/ml versions are available in the market. A typically recommended Winstrol dosage is 25-100 mg/day. For best results, one is advised a dosage of 50 mg/daily. It is present as micrometer particles in an aqueous suspension and does not possess the usual elimination half-life. 

We need to understand what really the elimination of Winstrol half life implies in case of a drug (or any other xenobiotic agent). It actually, means time span required for the xenobiotic agent present in the body to be condensed and concentrated to half of its previous level due to the action of several elimination processes.

Important Note: It is recommended to administer Winstrol with a maximum gap of 48 hours. However, some users prefer injecting everyday or even twice a day to make sure that serum levels are maintained.

Winstrol results in women

Winstrol is a frequently used anabolic steroid. It is considered a safe steroid that is fit for consumption by women. Women may prefer to use Winstrol as an integral part of their bodybuilding regimens or to complement their fitness and training programs for enhancing strength and power. 

As compared to most of the anabolic steroids found in the market today, Winstrol is able to create a greater anabolic impact on women. This implies that it is extremely effective in women and it efficiently enhances and stimulates muscle mass. 

Winstrol can drastically effect the development and growth of muscles in women if administered regularly as per directions along with the usual bodybuilding regime. It can enhance the overall development and growth of a woman's muscles. 

Obviously, men also use Winstrol for this very reason. Most other varieties of anabolic steroids do not bring about drastic changes in women and are not so beneficial to them. 

This is the primary reason why women use Winstrol. Women are advised to take Winstrol in small doses for best results. When used in small doses, it effectively increases strength and stamina rather than dramatic anabolic enrichments.

Important Note - A word of caution

Winstrol, when consumed either as an oral steroid or as an injectable steroid entails a lot of risk, especially to female users.