World Of Anabolic Steroids

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The distinctive feature of injectable Winstrol is that its active substance is dissolved not in oil, but in water, unlike other steroids. 

You should keep in mind that the no-injection intervals of the compound called Winstrol Depot are relatively shorter than that of other commonly used steroids. 

You are also warned against the exclusive use of the steroid during dieting. It has low androgenic content. So it does not guarantee sustenance of muscle tissue gain. 

In fact, if not administered along with other drugs, athletes may face loss of muscle tissue. It is a favorite choice for bodybuilders as it does not transform into estrogen and therefore, no anti-estrogen product is required while on this steroid cycle. Estrogen is a major culprit in triggering water retention. 

Winstrol is recommended to attain a prim and proper look instead of unsightly bulk. During the concluding stage of the cutting Winstrol Cycle you may use Stanozolol along with some non-aromatizing androgen. For best results, you could opt for Halotestin or Trenbolone.

Main Purpose

Winstrol is predominantly utilized as a cutting cycle drug by men as well as women. Stanozolol, not recommended for bulking cycles, is ideal for cutting cycles because it is a 17aa and therefore can adversely affect the liver. It stimulates protein anabolism and is known to be low on androgen.


* Winstrol may be instrumental in achieving a remarkable extent of muscle mass.
* It may help in reduction of fat.


* Winstrol is known to be a steroid that may adversely affect health.
* It triggers quite a few side effects.
* You may develop a rash or an infection at the injection site.
* You may be allergic to this formulation and may experience allergic reactions.   

Several websites discuss the drawbacks of this product anddeliberate the reasons why this drug is to be avoided.

Oral versus Injectable

Winstrol is generally available in the market in both oral as well as injectable forms. 

Though both the versions comprise the same compound, the medicine, when administered via an injection may cause higher nitrogen retention. Winstrol is marked by inconsistencies and contradictions. 

Though the anabolic rating of this product is extremely high, paradoxically very few people actually achieve the desired weight gain. Though it is used as a cutting steroid, 

Winstrol is characterized by a weak Androgen receptor binding ability. Though protein synthesis is noticeably high with this drug, ironically, the weight gain is not drastic, but low.

Winstrol oral and Winstrol injectable are identical in terms of chemical composition. You may consider drinking the injectable version and getting the same effects.

Genuine Winstrol

Genuine Winstrol can easily be differentiated from the rest as its active constituent, Stanozolol, will definitely separate if kept at rest for a few hours (the micronized crystal settles at the bottom and the watery liquid base rises to the top). It has a milky appearance.


We must keep in mind that Winstrol is unquestionably a steroid. You should be aware of the fact that steroids are recommended and utilized for the treatment of clinical conditions by only medical professionals. 

Winstrol may be effective in fat reduction or muscle building, but you must always remember that this product has certain drawbacks and may present undesirable side effects.