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Beginners Guide To Turinabol

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Turinabol (4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone) is an oral steroid, 17-alpha-methylated like all other oral steroids. This means that it's toxic to the liver and in some cases has even led to death in otherwise healthy individuals which makes turinabol a very hard steroid to take safely.

There are several things that can be done to limit the stress caused by turinabol on your body however they should not be taken as 100% safe but rather as steps you can take to lessen damage when running this particular steroid for extended periods of time.

These include things such as drinking plenty of water while supplementing with turinabol, taking milk thistle or Liv 52, using cardiovascular support supplements, and running a clean diet with good nutritional support.

Doing these things while on turinabol is not guaranteeing anything, but it can help reduce damage that will be done to the body. Keep in mind of course that nobody knows your body better than you so if you start feeling bad no matter how much water you're drinking or natural supplements you might be taking then discontinue use at once.

The ideal cycle length for this steroid when used responsibly is 8-12 weeks although many people run far shorter or longer cycles depending on their goals, some people even prefer to run this steroid everyday year round seeing as though it has very low toxicity levels (for most healthy adult men) in regards to liver enzyme production.

Turinabol aromatizes heavily so you should always have an aromatase inhibitor on hand when running this steroid. In addition to that, testosterone support products are a must because both steroids promote natural testosterone production and use it as the base of your cycle.

Turinabol is an oral 17-alpha alkylated (17-aa) anabolic steroid. It was developed in the 1960s by Jenapharm, which is a now-defunct East German pharmaceutical company. The name turinabol originates from the chemical names of both of its active components - 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone and methandienone (aka Dianabol).

Turinabol is structurally similar to methandienone, differing only in the chlorine atom attached at carbon positions 3 and 17 of the steroid structure. Turinabol has approximately 75% of the relative binding affinity of methyltestosterone to Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG), or about that of nandrolone decanoate (Deca Durabolin).

One review found it to be about equipotent as methyltestosterone, both being approximately six times as anabolic as methandrostenolone (D-bol) and having the same affinity for the androgen receptor. In another study, however, it showed that it may have been closer to 20% less potent than methandienone in vivo . The same review determined that its affinity for the androgen receptor was slightly less than that of nandrolone decanoate.

Turinabol is a very mild steroid compared to other oral agents with little estrogen conversion or body tissue conversion to estrogen. It has a relatively low ratio of anabolic to androgenic effects, though this might only apply at equal dosages relative to other steroids. This would make it of interest to bodybuilders who are concerned about the relative amount of androgenic versus anabolic effects of their steroids. However, due to its mildness in terms of side effects, it has never gained widespread popularity as a bodybuilding steroid.

There are some studies that have measured the relative binding affinity (RBA) on the human muscle receptor level. These show for this particular drug that the RBA is approximately 6-7% of that for methandienone(aka Dianabol). That means if one 100mg tablet per day were stacked with 200mg/day testosterone enanthate, there would be no inhibition or inactivation in result but only an added 20-30mg/day effective dose in muscle tissue.

In other words, this makes turinabol a very ineffective steroid to stack with testosterone enanthate or cypionate! So it should never be stacked with other 17-aa steroids such as Dianabol or Anadrol 50 for this reason. This is because if you add the androgenic equivalent of 200mg/day testosterone into that mix, you will end up with nothing but estrogen conversion and little muscle tissue growth.

Turinabol has been found to bind weakly to the androgen receptor in vivo . If progesterone shows similar affinity for the androgen receptor, then this may serve to reduce Progesterone's overall action through competitive antagonism. In addition, like other 17alpha alkylated steroids, Turinabol is known to be resistant to the action of 5alpha-reductase. That means the enzyme cannot reduce the Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) form to its more active androgenic metabolite dihydro-DHT.

This lack of reduction may result in a markedly increased activity for testosterone with this combination. The anabolic effect of testosterone is largely due to this metabolite acting on muscle tissue.The drug has been associated with steroid-positive tests by doping agencies due to contamination or intentional use as an undeclared drug .

Turinabol is usually taken 30-60 minutes prior to commencement of physical training at 25mg per day orally for around 6 weeks . It has also been used in the beginning of a steroid cycle to help ignite gains by way of faster conversion to testosterone.

It is also most often combined with Dianabol or Anadol for 6-8 weeks, at doses of 25mg every day or 50mg daily . It has also been used in conjunction with Equipoise for this purpose. But it should never be stacked with Deca Durabolin because you will have estrogen conversion and little muscle tissue growth.

Turinabol's half life is reported as 12 hours , but another study showed that its half life was 14-20 hours . This may mean that there are two major metabolites of this drug instead of one, like some other steroids that were shown to produce more than one metabolite (ex: dianabol).

Turinabol has been found to be resistant to the 5-alpha reductase enzyme . It does not break down into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) but instead forms two unique metabolites. This is unlike DHT which is rapidly broken down by this enzyme. One of these metabolites, 2-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone , has shown a binding affinity for sex hormone binding globulin that was one third that of testosterone . This suggests very weak association with the steroid receptor compared to DHT.

The other metabolite produced is Methasterone which also shows no known anabolic activity. Turinabol is therefore considered to have extremely low androgenic activity in addition to being a progestin and a weak anti-aromatase agent.

It is said that large doses of this steroid for periods of 8 weeks at a time can be used to add quality muscle mass and reduce body fat , while maintaining good cardiovascular function. But these claims need to be further substantiated by clinical research before we can accept them as fact, but so far they have proven themselves to be true in the athletic world .

Turinabol was first developed in 1961 under East Germany's Military Research Center for special military purposes, which included increasing the soldiers' physical strength output.

The original purpose was to use it on men with very low levels of testosterone production due to complications from illnesses such as mumps orchitis, congenital hypogonadism, castration etc. It was later found to be suitable for healthy men that desired increased stamina and physical strength output.

The drug became famous in the 60's after East German female swimmers used it to improve their performance at Olympic Games. Although this abuse of non-pharmaceutical substances was banned in the 70's, Turinabol still remains popular among athletes because of its anabolic properties (it can build muscle mass).

It is available as tablets containing 5mgs/tab; users usually take two tablets daily, once in the morning and another one in the afternoon. One cycle lasts about 6-8 weeks depending upon doses used (20-40 mg per day). The major side effects are acne, liver and kidney damage and the steroid has a strong anabolic and androgenic effects.

Turinabol is detectable for about 9-12 months in the body after use, depending upon the dose used and on individuals' metabolic rates . An accurate detection period of Turinabol might be very hard (if not impossible) to determine because it does not break down into DHT but still shows metabolites via excretion. One study suggests that there are at least two major metabolites of this drug , one more beneficial than others; however further research is required to confirm these findings .

What is HGH - A Complete Guide

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For many years, I've been reading posts and people complaining about how expensive HGH was. That where there is a demand for something, cheaper alternatives will appear on the market. There has always been such an alternative: CJC-1295 with DAC (and some others), but these peptides were more expensive than HGH itself and were hard to find.

Then suddenly in 2011, I saw some posts on the internet about China releasing its version of HGH called Saizen / Serostim / Levemir with an amino-acid sequence identical to the human version.

  • Type: GHRH & GHRP together in a single syringe
  • Amount: 1mg/1ml
  • Price: 20+€


I bought one and used it for a month. However I stopped using it because I did not feel a significant difference, even if the peptide was indeed identical to human version. Around that time HGH costed around 40-50€ per 1mg amp. Then, in October 2012, GH 15 from EliteSciences appeared on the market.

  • Type: HGH
  • Amount: 1mg/1ml (2mg/1ml also available)
  • Price: 20+€ (30+€ for 2mg/1ml) (so 3-4 times less than the price of real HGH).


I ordered several bottles and I've been using it since November 2012. GH15 is a GHRH analogue and as such, the effects are quite different from those of HGH itself. It can be described as a "super version" of CJC -1295 without DAC (which I used before).

The first time that I took this peptide, the effects were very noticeable. Not only I've grown a full inch on my arms, but also my abs were showing much more than usual. GH15 has been known to cause insulin resistance and the reason behind that is that it stimulates Growth Hormone Receptor in a similar way as insulin. In other words, the insulin receptors become insensitive to normal levels of insulin and as a result, the blood sugar levels elevate after eating. That is why I recommend not taking GH15 after 7pm if you plan on going to sleep before 11pm because it may be difficult to fall asleep with high blood sugars.

GH15 has many benefits but it also comes with few side effects. The side effect that people don't like is the increased sweating and body odor. For some people, GH15 can also cause acne (but not everyone). Another side effect that I noticed after taking this peptide is sleep apnea; it became much more difficult for me to breathe while sleeping. This has happened in a period of 2-3 weeks after I started taking GH15 and it disappeared after I stopped using it.

GH15 is a peptide with good effects and side effects alike, but the benefits certainly outweigh the risks when we look at the price of this product. It's cheaper than real HGH and its actions are quite different from those of real HGH. Radically different in fact: GH15 stimulates Growth Hormone Receptors, while HGH does just the opposite and shuts them down.

In my opinion, GH15 is a better alternative for those who cannot afford buying real HGH or don't have easy access to it. With GH15 one can enjoy some good benefits of increased Growth Hormone levels without feeling all the side effects of real HGH, such as water retention and increased blood pressure.

Conclusion: GH15 is a good alternative to human Growth Hormone for those who cannot afford it or don't have access to it. It's also recommended to use it if your body weight is around 15% over the ideal level because both appetite and weight gain will increase, making it easier for you to gain more weight.

  • Type: Peptide complex
  • Amount: 2mg/1ml
  • Price: 10+€


I have been using GHRP-6 from EliteSciences since July 2013 and I'm quite satisfied with the results so far. In comparison with GH15, this peptide is milder than I expected. However, GHRP-6 does almost everything that GH15 does but with less drastic effect which is good if you also use real HGH concurrently (because of the possibility of insulin resistance).

GHRP-6 has one benefit over GH15: it boosts IGF-1 levels more than GH15 does, which is definitely a plus if you want to gain as much muscle as possible. The downside of GHRP-6 is that there are several reported cases of it causing pancreatitis, so be careful if you take this peptide.

Conclusion: GHRP-6 is a milder alternative to GH15 and it's a good choice if you plan on using real HGH simultaneously.

What is HGH?

GH is a hormone that stimulates cells throughout the body to produce proteins. These proteins make up muscle, bone, cartilage and other tissues. It also stimulates the liver to produce another protein called "IGF-1" which has a similar effect to growth stimulation caused by GH alone. IGF-1 replaces GH in many ways because unlike GH, IGF-1 can last in the bloodstream for many hours and it also travels to tissues throughout the entire body where it activates cell growth. IGF-1 doesn't directly cause cells to grow: instead, it works by increasing the effects of other hormones and substances produced by the body that affect growth and cell reproduction.

GH is naturally secreted by the pituitary gland in both humans and animals. However, the pituitary gland produces less HGH as we age. It has been proven that GH can reverse or at least slow down some of the effects of aging which is why many anti-aging clinics prescribe it to older people.

Uses for GH are plentiful: improved sleep, increased muscle mass, enhanced sex drive and immune function are just some of the benefits that GH users can experience. However, it is an expensive hormone to buy because real HGH is very difficult to obtain. That's where Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide comes into play. GHRPs have similar effects on the body as human Growth Hormone does, but they are nowhere near as expensive to buy. Also, GHRPs have some benefits over HGH in that they have a higher ability of causing muscle growth and fat loss while being milder in side effects.

Recommended dosage is 0.1-0.5mg per injection depending on the quality of your peptide. Note that if you inject GH peptides subcutaneously, it will have a relatively short half life compared to other peptides because the more fat tissue there is near the injection site, the faster GH peptide will be broken down.

Effects of GH

Growth Hormone is produced by the body in the anterior pituitary gland. It's main purposes are to stimulate growth, cell reproduction and regeneration in humans.

GH also stimulates the liver to produce IGF-1 (Insulin like Growth Factor 1). IGF-1 is like a "secondary" hormone because it causes human cells to grow. The effects of GH on muscle work by causing muscle satellite cells to fuse together which results in larger and stronger muscle cells. GH also increases production of certain substances in muscle cells that cause muscles to grow larger and stronger overtime.

GH is well known for increasing the amount of deep sleep you get which helps your body recover faster from exercise. This is because GH enhances both memory consolidation (for learning) and memory recall (for remembering facts, names, places, times, etc.). Memory recall is the opposite of memory consolidation which means that GH also helps you to remember more.

GH also promotes greater cognitive function which makes learning easier because it increases both memory consolidation and recall. Cognitive function is essentially "mental clarity". GH will help you concentrate better on tasks at hand because it enhances your ability to focus.

GH also benefits the immune system by increasing production of Antibodies, interferons and cytokines. That means that GH will help prevent you from getting sick because it makes your body stronger against foreign invaders such as viruses and bacteria.

There are many more benefits to using GH but most of them can't really be noted any measurable way. Some benefits include improved sleep, increased sex drive and decreased levels of Triglycerides in the bloodstream (which can lead to heart disease).

GH is one of the most expensive hormones on the market especially if you are buying it from a reputable company. The reason for this is because GH is widely counterfeited by underground labs who make fake HGH. Underground labs will sell their products as "real" GH from China even though the product is fake simply because it's so difficult to tell if a GH kit is real or not without expensive lab equipment.

As stated before, GHRPs have similar effects on the body as GH does, but they are nowhere near as expensive especially if you buy from a reputable company. You can find many companies online that sell real GHRP-6 and Ipamorelin at very reasonable prices.

GH Side Effects

Like most hormones out there, excessive amounts of GH will result in negative side effects. The reason for this is because our bodies weren't designed to handle large amounts of growth hormone overtime so when we inject too much into our system over a short period of time, our natural pituitary gland shuts down production completely. So it is recommended to cycle GH peptides rather than injecting them daily even though some people do it anyways with no problems.

What are the best steroids for women?

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Steroid use is becoming more and more common among the female population.  Many athletes are now learning about anabolic steroids, their benefits, how to properly take them for different purposes and what results they can expect when using these drugs responsibly.  

If you have never used steroids before, it may be wise to learn more about them before jumping into the world of competitive bodybuilding or powerlifting. Always educate yourself with as much knowledge as possible on any subject matter that interests you! Remember that ignorance is not bliss in this case because your gains will suffer and some of the side effects can be irreversible.

I had my first child at 25, and after gaining those "freshman 15" pounds, I decided it was time to get back on track with a workout routine and more healthy eating habits.  My first mistake was reading Muscle and Fitness Hers Magazine (do they even still make that one?) and getting caught up in all of the "hype" about female bodybuilders taking anabolic steroids.  

Then I rushed out to buy myself some clenbuterol for weight loss because it said right there in black-and-white that you could take this for fat burning! It wasn't until I stopped using oral clenbuterol when I noticed how much rage & aggression I had been feeling.  I think it was from the clenbuterol, but I can't say for sure because I didn't do any blood work to check on my hormone levels at that time.

Anyway, enough about me...let's get back to "the best." There are quite a few steroids out there that women can use effectively without worrying about virilization or other negative side effects.  As far as bulking goes, you'll need some testosterone which will be your base compound of choice.  If you're more interested in leaning out instead of gaining size and strength, then trenbolone would be your primary steroid of choice by stacking with an oral like Anavar.

Testosterone Cypionate, Testosterone Enanthate, and Testosterone Propionate are the most common esterified forms of this hormone that you will see available.  All three compounds can be effectively used for bulking or cutting phases. These drugs exhibit a long half-life and they stay active in your system for up to two weeks, depending on the specific drug itself (Prop is faster acting than Cyp).

Aromatization can be an issue when running testosterone at any dose over 200mg per week so it's suggested that you use some type of anti-estrogen such as nolvadex or arimidex. If you're new to steroids then 25mg every other day would be a good place to start for either bulking or cutting cycles.

Dianabol is a popular anabolic steroid due to the quick gains in size and strength it can provide.  While taking this orally, you will experience rapid increases in weight which are mostly lean muscle mass if done correctly with adequate protein intake & calories. This drug does aromatize heavily so nolvadex or arimidex should be used to counter that side effect.

With that being said, there are plenty of successful female bodybuilders who have used d-bol during their contest prep phases successfully without worrying about masculizing effects because they knew how to use it properly! Some women need not worry about body hair growth when using milder steroids like dbol too even when keeping doses moderate or high at 40mg-50mg ed. If you are genetically predisposed to male pattern baldness, then the risk will be there regardless of the steroid used...just something to keep in mind!

Equipoise is another mild anabolic that can provide decent gains when used responsibly.  It doesn't aromatize heavily so gyno shouldn't be a concern here. Unlike its cousin nandrolone, this drug exhibits less water retention but has more of an affinity for promoting red blood cell production for better oxygenation of muscle tissue which can aid recovery & growth while reducing fatigue during intense training.

It may not have the same "kick" as testosterone or dbol, but it certainly worth your time if you are looking for a way to maximize lean muscle gains without having to worry about gyno or other drastic alterations in physical appearance.

Trenbolone is one of the most popular anabolic steroids on the market today, and for good reason.  It offers significant advantages over testosterone regarding fat loss due to its strong nutrient partitioning effects.  Trenbolone binds strongly with glucocorticoid receptors which prevents cortisol from initiating lipolysis...the breakdown of triglycerides into free fatty acids so they can be taken up by adipose cells & used as fuel.  

This greatly increases the anabolic activity of trenbolone since you are storing more nutrients inside muscle tissue rather than being broken down & excreted through the kidneys.  Trenbolone also has the ability to reduce endogenous estrogen levels & even block its activity in certain tissues, making it great for preventing gyno or bloat when using aromatizing compounds like testosterone/dianabol.

Halo is an oral steroid that shows a lot of promise by being very mild yet still providing results.  It's not nearly as harsh on your liver nor does it elevate blood pressure to any great extent so you can use Halo safely at higher doses with little worry of side effects.  

As far as gains are concerned, they should be comparable to what you would expect from Primobolan (very good) only without needing such high doses to achieve this effect.  Since it doesn't aromatize into estrogen, you don't have to worry about recomposition effects either.

Methasterone is the mildest oral steroid I will recommend for females who want to cut & lean out without any problems.  It tends to convert to a more potent DHT compound but it only binds weakly with the receptor so there shouldn't be much if any risk of hair loss or other related side effects due to this conversion.

If you do run methyldrostanolone for extended periods of time, make sure your liver enzymes are kept in check as this drug can put a strain on that organ over time especially when used at high doses (which isn't recommended regardless).

Sustanon is a 4-ester compound that has been used for years in the medical field to treat delayed puberty.  However, this drug can be very useful to women too because it exhibits relatively low androgenic/estrogenic effects which makes it desirable during cutting phases...especially when running alongside steroids like trenbolone or anavar.  It's usually stacked with testosterone propionate & testosterone phenylpropionate to provide balanced results while minimizing risk of side effects.

Anavar is another great oral steroid for females who are looking to cut down without having huge problems looming over their head for potential health risks later on due to dosage.  Anavar itself isn't particularly harsh on your cardiovascular system, and is generally considered excellent for cardiovascular health in most cases.  

However, it is an oral steroid so there are some risks involved especially when running high doses...but if you keep your dose reasonable, you'll be fine.  In addition to fat loss benefits & added benefit of not having to worry about estrogen conversion, Anavar can also promote LH production which can help with fertility issues in women who want children someday while still on cycle.

20-OH-Progesterone helps regulate progesterone levels in the body.  Many females can supplement with this compound without concern simply because their own natural levels of progesterone are low enough that they don't have any type of buildup or negative side effects.  The other benefit is many women can experience enhanced breast tissue growth when running this steroid which makes it popular among female athletes.

This drug is not an oral steroid but rather a synthetic derivative of the natural hormone testosterone that cannot convert to estrogen or DHT.  It binds strongly with SHBG, making more of the active free form available for use throughout the body...even in muscles where IGF-1 would normally be inhibited by SHBG.  There are no known side effects since it's not an aromatizing steroid & doesn't inhibit HPTA function like prohormones do either...making steroids like these very safe for females to run if desired.

As one would expect, Superdrol will give you strong strength & size increases with little to no water retention.  It's a DHT derivative which has been shown in studies to be very weak on aromatase conversion...less than 1/10th as strong as testosterone at converting to estrogen by weight.  In fact, it doesn't have the ability to bind strongly with the receptor so you can get away with using low doses of this without having any problems whatsoever.

While most anabolic steroids are not recommended for women due mostly to their harsh nature and propensity toward virilization side effects, there is a select few that will work just fine for ladies wanting a boost in strength or size while minimizing risk of adverse reactions.  

This list combines recommendations from my own personal usage (which I'll detail below) as well as the opinions of knowledgeable professionals in the community.  The list is not designed to be either comprehensive or all-encompassing, but rather a quick read for females who are looking for the best options available that won't compromise their health in the process.

It should also be noted that all forms of steroid use carry risks regardless of sex or age...women have just learned over time to push through many obstacles which men are not constrained with due to ignorance.  

Hence, it is important even if you are an adult female using these drugs responsibly to understand what potential side effects you might expect so you can take steps to minimize your risk while maximizing your gains (yes, this means doing things like keeping your doses not too high, running on the lower end of normal dosing and taking only what you need to do the job).

There are far more products out there than will be mentioned here so please understand that this article also serves as a reference for which lady bodybuilders can expect positive results from some of these substances.  No list like this could possibly cover every product...but it does give a good overview for those who want to cut through all of the misinformation out there and get straight to something based in fact which they can actually use.

What Happens when Bodybuilders Stop Taking Steroids?

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Anabolic steroids are synthetic derivatives of testosterone, which has anabolic and androgenic activity.   The use of AASs is prevalent in competitive athletics, professional sports, bodybuilding, weightlifting, amateur sports, etc. They are also popular for their purported ability to increase lean body mass (LBM) and muscular strength with minimal effects on fat mass.

Bodybuilders take large amounts of various AASs during training to achieve better results. However, there are cases where they have discontinued the usage or have been forced to discontinue the usage due to some reasons. Therefore, it is important to understand what happens when these individuals stop taking the drugs as this may provide valuable insight into how AASs work in normal physiological situations.

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine has assessed the effects of AAS cessation on LBM, strength and hormones levels. The study was conducted with 14 experienced male bodybuilders (30 +/- 7 years) before, during and after 12 weeks of withdrawal from various AASs (stanozolol, methandienone, testosterone enanthate).

The major findings are summarized as follows:

1) Steroid discontinuation is associated with an increase in fat mass (+ 2 kg after stopping stanozolol and + 1 kg after stopping methandienone);

2) There were decreases in lean body mass (- 3 to -5%) after stopping most steroids; however, there was no significant decline for subjects who stopped testosterone enanthate.

3) Strength loss was observed only in the group that stopped stanozolol (- 40 to - 50%);

4) There were no significant changes in levels of total, free or bioavailable testosterone  or luteinizing hormone during and after discontinuation (12 weeks); however, cortisol and estradiol did increase significantly;

5) During steroid usage, there was a positive correlation between LBM and strength. However, these correlations vanished 12 weeks after drug withdrawal;

6) The authors conclude that the effects on body composition and strength vary according to steroid used. In general terms, AASs such as stanozolol cause more harmful effects than steroids like methandienone or testosterone enanthate.

In summary, discontinuation of AASs in experienced male bodybuilders is associated with a decrease in LBM and strength. In addition, some subjects gain fat mass during the withdrawal period. The pattern of changes varies according to the type of steroid that was used during training. However, there are several points that should be addressed:

1) Many authors believe that it is necessary to use at least three previous AASs cycles before studying their effects when they are discontinued;

2) Since the duration of each cycle was 12 weeks in this study, we cannot say anything about what happens when these athletes stop taking steroids after completing longer cycles (e.g., 1620 weeks);

3) The subjects began the steroid treatment after a severe dietary restriction period of at least 4 weeks. It is difficult to extrapolate these results to individuals who use steroids during an ongoing resistance training protocol;

4) While this study suggests that there are some changes in various hormones levels (e.g., cortisol, estradiol, testosterone), it would be important to assess binding proteins (SHBG and CBG) as well as free/unbound fractions of these hormones;

5) This study had some limitations including small sample size, variation in AASs used between subjects and lack of control group; nevertheless, it provides useful information for researchers on this topic.

It has been suggested that losing muscle mass is due to large drops in protein synthesis. However, there is no evidence to support this claim and therefore the problem should be thought in a different way (e.g., increased protein degradation).

In our view, the biggest limitation of the study mentioned above is that it does not provide information about how long these changes last after stopping AASs. In addition, we think that many steroid-users use supraphysiological doses and various compounds simultaneously (e.g., injectable and oral AASs). Therefore, we must bear in mind while interpreting these data; future studies might address some of these limitations.

In conclusion, it appears that discontinuation of steroid use in bodybuilders who use these drugs during a training period is associated with increases in fat mass and decreases in lean body mass. However, it is not clear what happens after a longer steroid withdrawal period.

Trenbolone Side Effects You'll Want To Avoid

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Trenbolone is a popular steroid for strength and muscle mass, but it comes with side effects. Side effect are unwanted symptoms that typically occur in response to certain types of medications or treatments.

They can be anything from mild issues to serious conditions. Any side effects associated with drugs will vary depending on the type of medication, dosage level, age, medical history, other existing conditions and other factors.

Trenbolone side effects may include mood swings, increased aggression people who take trenbolone should monitor their cholesterol levels closely because trenbolone has been known to raise bad cholesterol (LDL) levels while lowering good cholesterol (HDL).

Men should maintain an estrogen level below 50ng/dl during treatment as well as after discontinuation of trenbolone. This steroid may also cause the following side effects:

Hair loss in men and women Acne Night sweats Balding in men (rare) Anemia (low red blood cell count) Pain in muscles or bones, High blood pressure and Gallstones.

As with all drugs, you should consult your doctor when taking trenbolone to discuss possible side effects and ensure that it is safe for your particular situation.

Trenbolone is an androgenic steroid with pronounced progestational activity and very low estrogenic activity. It is highly valued for its ability to increase muscle hardness, definition, and raw strength. Trenbolone greatly enhances protein synthesis as well as glycogenolysis.

Since it strongly inhibits estrogen , trenbolone also shows potential for reducing body fat (typically via increasing metabolic activity). A common side effect of trenbolone use can be extreme dryness of the skin, especially across the shoulders and back; chapped lips and mouth are also a possibility.

Trenbolone is a veterinary steroid which will give huge gains in muscular endurance and size when used in all kinds of sports including Bodybuilding. The secret behind these gains is that Trenbolone has a progesteronic activity in the body which means it will not aromatize into estrogen.

This makes its effects extremely hard to control but when done so there are many benefits such as huge increases in mass and strength, improved muscle hardness and better athletic performance.

There will also be a notable anabolic effect without any significant androgenic side effects making this steroid very desirable for female athletes who want rapid results in terms of improved shape and leaner more defined look.

Trenbolone is a powerful androgen with strong anabolic activity which greatly promotes protein synthesis, as well as an estrogenic nature that facilitates fat loss.

The result of Trenbolone use in performance enhancement will be significant gains in muscle size and strength , often to an extraordinary degree. Although this steroid can be used for mass and cutting cycles, when it is absolutely necessary to increase pure mass in a hurry the best choice is often an intense bulking cycle.

This type of plan should only be followed by more advanced users who have already demonstrated their ability to add on noticeable amounts of quality lean tissue. In leaner individuals, when bulk cycles prove ineffective from a standpoint of rapid weight gain , they may be combined with a quality cutting cycle in order to help bring about the harder, more defined look that many people desire.

Side Effects - 15 Dangers of Taking Trenbolone

Side effects are unwanted symptoms that typically occur in response to certain types of medications or treatments. They can be anything from mild issues to serious conditions. Any side effects associated with drugs will vary depending on the type of medication, dosage level, age, medical history, other existing conditions and other factors.

Trenbolone side effects may include mood swings, increased aggression people who take trenbolone should monitor their cholesterol levels closely because trenbolone has been known to raise bad cholesterol (LDL) levels while lowering good cholesterol (HDL). Men should maintain an estrogen level below 50ng/dl during treatment as well as after discontinuation of trenbolone.

This steroid may also cause the following side effects: Hair loss in men and women, suppression of natural testosterone production, acne and oily skin, reduced sex drive and fertility (in people who were not supposed to take it), insomnia and anxiety.

Trenbolone is a veterinary steroid which will give huge gains in muscular endurance and size when used in all kinds of sports including Bodybuilding. The secret behind these gains is that Trenbolone has a progesteronic activity in the body which means it will not aromatize into estrogen.

This makes its effects extremely hard to control but when done so there are many benefits such as huge increases in mass and strength, improved muscle hardness and better athletic performance.

There will also be a notable anabolic effect without any significant androgenic side effects making this steroid very desirable for female athletes who want rapid results in terms of improved shape and leaner more defined look.

Trenbolone is a powerful androgen with strong anabolic activity which greatly promotes protein synthesis, as well as an estrogenic nature that facilitates fat loss.

The result of Trenbolone use in performance enhancement will be significant gains in muscle size and strength , often to an extraordinary degree. Although this steroid can be used for mass and cutting cycles, when it is absolutely necessary to increase pure mass in a hurry the best choice is often an intense bulking cycle .

This type of plan should only be followed by more advanced users who have already demonstrated their ability to add on noticeable amounts of quality lean tissue.

In leaner individuals, when bulk cycles prove ineffective from a standpoint of rapid weight gain , they may be combined with a quality cutting cycle in order to help bring about the harder, more defined look that many people desire.

Dianabol Side Effects You'll Want To Avoid

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This steroid, also known as Methandrostenolone is a derivative of testosterone and one of the most widely used anabolic steroids available. It is not nearly as popular as testosterone but it still accounts for a significant percentage of many athletes' cycles.

The reason for this popularity has to do with the fast results most users see in both strength and physique. It also does not have a large number of potential side effects in comparison to most oral steroids. Of course there are some Dianabol side effects you will want to avoid .

In medical circles this steroid has been around since the 1950's and has been regularly prescribed to help counteract muscle wasting diseases such as HIV or cancer. In fact, if you look at older pictures of AIDS patients you will see many of them appear almost emaciated; this is because they were not given the proper treatment which includes anabolic steroids. Of course it goes without saying that Dianabol side effects are among the least severe out of all the anabolic steroids.

For example, one study has shown that Methandrostenolone does not cause water retention even at very high doses. This makes it a more attractive choice for competitive athletes who need to make weight quickly and with no fuss rather than having to deal with excess subcutaneous fluid held under the skin due to other compounds such as Testosterone or Nandrolone.

I want to make it perfectly clear that this steroid can produce side effects and is not for everyone. In my opinion it's a great steroid but there are many who would disagree with me vehemently simply because of the Dianabol side effects . It is important to understand why these steroids work so well and why they produce such impressive results before you ever pump a single milligram into your body.

Dianabol has the ability to greatly increase protein synthesis in the muscles due to its extremely anabolic nature. The name Methandrostenolon e actually gives us a clue as to how this compound works compared with testosterone.

Testosterone is made up of four different carbon atoms, one more than the hormone produced the adrenal gland known as DHEA. Methandrostenolon e only has three carbon atoms which drastically decreases the hormone's ability to convert to estrogen in the body. This is why most users will not suffer from estrogen related side effects when using this steroid.

However, it also makes it even more anabolic because the compound can become active very quickly in comparison to testosterone or any other similar steroid. With increased protein synthesis you get faster muscle growth and quicker strength gains that are most noticeable after a couple weeks of use.

Dianabol is often thought of as a bulking steroid but if you're looking for pure mass there are steroids that do this job better with fewer potential side effects than Dianabol. Most users looking to gain muscle or mass quickly should include an anti estrogen drug such as Clomid, Nolvadex, Arimidex or Proviron in their cycles so they can avoid any unpleasurable side effects that might arise from the steroid's ability to aromatize into estrogen.

This is not a license to ignore common sense because you will still get some undesirable effects if you don't practice responsible use . For example, did you know that testosterone binds better to the androgen receptor than Methandrostenolone?

This simply means it will be easier for your body to produce endogenous testosterone due to its higher affinity. So if your are supplementing with Dianabol the chances of shutting down your own testosterone production are increased.

This is why many anabolic steroid users will included HCG and Clomid during their cycles so they can restore natural testosterone levels to avoid dreaded side effects such as gyno, testicular shrinkage and sterility.

Another important note: women should not take this compound unless absolutely necessary because it can cause irreversible masculating side effects such as deepening of the voice, clitoral enlargement and body hair growth just to name a few. Even in low doses these side effects can occur in females so keep that in mind when taking this or any similar steroid.

In my opinion the best way to avoid Dianabol side effects is knowing how much you should use and combining it with other anabolic steroids. I think most athletes will find a dose of 25-50mg every day for six weeks to be very beneficial as well as safe. This dosing protocol provides great results while limiting the chance for negative estrogenic effects since Methandrostenolon e has strong binding affinity for the aromatase enzyme.

As stated before, Dianabol works very well when stacked with other steroids. Since it is very fast acting most athletes will find stacking this steroid with Nandrolone or Testosterone to be extremely beneficial.

You can either stack these compounds together or you might want to include an oral compound like Stanozolol (Winstrol) at a ratio of one Methandrostenolone tablet taken three times per day for six weeks.

This way athletes can experience the strength and mass building effects of methyltestosterone but it will not convert to estrogen due to its anabolic nature; resulting in no water retention or bloating. Your gains should be clean, hard and fast which is why combination of drugs is very popular with athletes seeking a new level of definition and overall improvement in physique.

The common Dianabol side effects most men will experience include: elevated blood pressure, acne, accelerated hair loss and prostate enlargement. Like any steroid it's important to buy Dianabol from a reputable source and be absolutely sure of its contents before use.

Can Females Take Winstrol?

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Stanozolol's chemical name is 2a1 17beta estra 4, 5 dien 6 17 diol 6 methylandrost 3 one. The compound provides strong anabolic effects when used by both sexes at 50 mg per day minimum with 30mg daily more being optimal. It is 5 times more anabolic than testosterone with a half life of around 8 hours after which it converts to less active steroid dihydro-stanozolol via 3aHSD enzyme.

It is also known as Winny and Azolol and was brought to market in 1962 by the company Winthrop under the trade name Stromba and has been available ever since. Its marketed for treatment of hereditary angioedema, hereditary periodic fever syndromes, and to offset protein catabolism caused by long term administration of corticosteroids such as prednisone (Deltasone). It's not approved by FDA for use in humans but rather sold as veterinary drug for horses that suffer from muscle and weight loss.

Stanozolol is a synthetic anabolic steroid derived from testosterone, one of the most popular anabolic steroids used by athletes for its ability to increase muscle mass and strength. It was developed in 1962 by Winthrop Labs (Sterling Drug) and has been approved by the FDA for human use under the brand name of Winstrol or Stanobolic. Its makers claim that this drug increases lean body mass while decreasing adipose tissue resulting in improved muscular definition without reduced size.

Organon Pharmaceuticals, known best for their work with Nandrolone Decanoate, also developed Stanozolol. By definition, Stanozolol is a modified form of dihydrotestosterone, but it lacks the DHT attachment at the 5-alpha position, making this steroid unable to convert into Estrogen via aromatase. In fact, in a study conducted in 1990 on human test subjects, researchers discovered that Stanozolol was only about 40% as effective in terms of reducing serum Estrogen levels when compared with Deca-Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate).

Lipophilic effects include increased retention of potassium and phosphorus, while hydrophilic effects include muscle cramps or dehydration due to diuresis secondary to water releasing abilities of the drug. Although not approved for use in humans, this anabolic steroid is often prescribed for women suffering from metastatic breast cancer. "In vitro" studies have shown that stanozolol has the ability to suppress breast cancer cell growth via anti-estrogenic effects. It is considered a safe and effective anabolic steroid for women, unlike most other testosterone derivatives which are known for their propensity of causing virilizing side effects such as clitoral hypertrophy, increased body hair growth, deepening of the voice and menstrual irregularities. For these reasons it makes stanozolol very favorable when treating female patients with breast cancer who desire to avoid anabolic steroids with strong masculinizing characteristics. In addition, it may also be preferred in cases where natural testosterone levels are already marginally suppressed through use of an aromatase inhibitor alone; in this stanozolol is highly preferred due to its low rate of aromatization and high resistance to conversion into Estrogen.

The effects are similar, but the mechanisms are different. These are two types of weight-loss medication that work in unique ways. We will discuss these different properties separately below.

Stanozolol is a man-made steroid that was synthesized in 1962 by chemists at Sterling Drug (a subsidiary of the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer). It's derived from testosterone, which means it has an altered chemical structure compared to testosterone. The term "steroids" refers to the class of drugs as a whole since they all have similar structures—it can't be broken down any further than this. You may recognize other brand names for stanozolol, including Winstrol and Stanobolic.

Stanozolol is a steroid with low anabolic properties in muscle tissue when compared to other steroids that are used for this purpose, but it has high androgenic effects when applied to certain tissues. This drug is often classified as having mixed activity in terms of its pharmacology since it's known for being able to have both anabolic and androgenic effects based on the dosage and how it's administered. It can also be referred to as a synthetic derivative of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT binds more strongly than testosterone to the androgen receptor (AR) leading to greater tissue-specific effects relative to testosterone.

The implications are high for this drug being able to produce favorable changes in terms of lean mass, fat loss, and improved muscular definition. The half-life time of Stanozolol is approximately 9.5 hours, but it's important to note that the duration over which Stanozolol remains active in the body is widely variable due to extensive first pass metabolism via the liver.

The recommended dosage for men is based on age: The normal adult male dose starts at 50 mg daily for two weeks, followed by 100 mg daily thereafter. It can be injected intramuscularly or subcutaneously once every second day at a dosage of 100mg/day. For women, the starting postmenopausal dose is 2.5 mg per day, increasing gradually with increments of 2.5-5 mg daily at weekly intervals until a dose of 5mg per day is achieved (normal adult female). Use in adolescent males and females is not recommended; the drug has been approved for use in postmenopausal women only.

As you can see, the dosage range varies based on your sex and age: It's much lower than what you might see in other types of drugs and steroids that are used to treat similar medical conditions. That's because it's considered a "mild" anabolic steroid overall when compared with others. For this reason, it's often referred to as a "weak" or even "mild" steroid—especially when we're talking about high dosages of the drug that are used to treat medical conditions.

It has mild anabolic effects that makes it popular for treating diseases like HIV where lean mass is often lost. It's also a preferred steroid in female bodybuilding since it doesn't cause any noticeable masculinization effects with prolonged use, which is why it's highly favored by athletes in sports where hormonal drugs are banned. When taken at low dosages, Winstrol will produce little if any noticeable change when measured with things like fat scales or bioimpedance devices—even though the changes will be substantial enough to significantly improve your physique and athletic performance.

For men who have breast cancer, this medication has been shown to have antiandrogenic properties that can suppress the effects of the hormone prolactin. This is especially beneficial for patients who are vulnerable to developing feminizing side effects or gynecomastia because their existing tumor cells are highly sensitive to increased levels of estrogen.

Winstrol also has a mild anabolic effect on muscle building, which means that it's possible for women who use the drug to build less muscle mass than men while using equal dosages—provided they're following a well-planned workout routine and diet program that's consistent with their goals. However, many female athletes have found this steroid alone isn't effective enough in helping them realize their desired results when used as part of a total bodybuilding or fitness regime. They often stack Winstrol with other types steroids including Anavar, Primobolan, Deca Durabolin, Dianabol, and Equipoise.

Winstrol is a synthetic steroid that's derived from dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is one of the body's endogenous steroids. It has the same active structure as DHT—which means it interacts with the body in almost identical ways. For that reason, some doctors have speculated that Winstrol might be a milder form of Dihydrotestosterone—but this assumption hasn't been proven conclusively in time series studies on humans just yet.

I know some women who have had issues maintaining their gains while being on this drug for over 6 months at a high dosage—so if you're going to use it, be aware that you might have a lot to lose if you do become resistant to the drug's effects.

Stanozolol is often used in men before and after a cycle of other anabolic steroids to preserve lean tissue while burning fat rapidly. However, when given alone, female athletes will still lack significant muscle mass increases. That being said, Winstrol can help them maintain muscle mass because it doesn't aromatize into estrogens like many other types of steroids. In fact, estrogenic side effects are rare with this drug despite its progesterone activity. This makes it highly favored among women who suffer from estrogen-sensitive breast cancer or fibrocystic breasts since their chances of developing gynecomastia are very low.

Individuals who supplement with Winstrol can experience muscle gains, fat loss, and even bone density elevation—but these effects vary greatly depending on how much weight you're putting on the drug during use. When women begin taking high dosages of it (upwards of 50mg/day), they often find that their menstrual cycle becomes irregular or all together stops for a period of time after several weeks.

Starting around 10% -15% body fat is typically where I see women begin to lose any significant abdominal definition. At this point, many will add in an Aromatase Inhibitor like Arimidex or Letrozole to prevent estrogen from preventing their abs from being visible when they perform abdominal poses.

The following Winstrol cycle is designed for women, but it could be used by men as well (the dosages would just be different).

50mg/day - 30mg/injection every other day (usually taken in the morning)

10mg/day - 5mg twice a day (morning and night time; preferably take 5mg after eating with carbohydrates)

This particular stack has been successfully used by female athletes to obtain extreme levels of leanness while minimizing side effects that may arise during its use. For best results, injections should be kept to once every other day at most—preferably using one larger injection per week if possible. The total dosage of Stanozolol should not exceed 100mg/week.

The side effects that women tend to experience with this drug are overstated on forums and message boards, but some do exist—and they're not any less severe than the ones men face when using it. In fact, women who supplement with Winstrol often find that their clitoris becomes enlarged or engorged during use due to heightened levels of testosterone within the body. This is a result of its high androgenic activity in females—not because it's a Dihydrotestosterone based compound like many think. Irreversible virilization symptoms include deepening of the voice, excessive growth of hair on their face, stomach, or chest region (if present), cessation of menstrual cycles, loss of breast tissue, and clitoral enlargement.

When it comes to cutting, Winstrol is commonly used among female athletes who are trying to obtain extremely low levels of body fat—most often seen with the drug itself or in combination with Primobolan Depot. Since Winstrol presents strong anti-catabolic properties, women who supplement with it usually find they lose less muscle mass while dieting than without its use. Perhaps even more importantly, this makes it an excellent choice for females looking to build strength since they won't get significantly weaker during their weight loss process due to muscle loss. It also tends to help them recuperate once they end their cycle more quickly than otherwise would be expected.