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Winstrol being 17 alpha alkylated, it can be administered orally everyday instead of an injection. It is a common belief that Winstrol is more effective if administered as an injectable rather than orally. 

The recommended dosage is 50mg daily whether taken orally or administered as an injectable. However, one major drawback of injectable Winstrol is that it is far costlier than Winstrol tablets. 

A pack of 100 Winstrol tablets of 50mg costs $100 to $150, while injectable Winstrol that comes in a 10ml (each ml equivalent to 50mg) bottle is available at the same price. 

The price factor often is vital and hence many bodybuilders and athletes prefer Winstrol tablets to injectable Winstrol.

For How Long Should You Undergo Winstrol Therapy?

Winstrol is considered a reasonably mild steroid and is not responsible for any severe side effects. However, in rare cases, negligible side effects have been reported. It does not affect the liver and the kidneys adversely. 

It is advised that this steroid course not be continued for more than six weeks to enable the liver to rest. 

While on Winstrol therapy, you are advised to abstain from consuming alcohol as this may affect the liver adversely. You should also habitually consume water and use liver protection supplements. 

These measures may help minimize the adverse effects of the steroid on the liver. Since Winstrol is an extremely effective and a quick-action drug, you may be able to observe the action within the first week of therapy itself. This explains why six weeks of therapy is sufficient to render the desired effects.

The obvious conclusion one may draw is that, both injectable as well as oral Winstrol, is definitely an effective steroid. Its usage is recommended for a period of six weeks; for best Winstrol cycle results, you may stick to a typical dose of 50mg/day. 

Once you have come off the steroid course, you are advised to adopt a PCT (Post Cycle Therapy)

Injectable Winstrol versus Winstrol Pills

Ambitious users of this therapy are constantly faced with the dilemma of choosing between the two versions of Winstrol. A few striking factors may aid the users in making the right choice. 

Winstrol is undoubtedly one of the most frequently used steroids available in the market. It is considered a hot favorite with bodybuilders who use this therapy for enhanced gains before participating in competitions. 

Because of its ability of adding to muscle mass, of creating harder and stronger muscles, and bringing about a significant increase in vascularity, it is preferred by actors and models also.

It is often the best choice during the summer months for the average weight lifter. However, the only drawback of Winstrol is that it may harm the kidneys and liver. 

Alcohol should be avoided while on a Winstrol cycle therapy as it has an adverse impact on the liver and causes undesirable side effects. If you cannot do without alcohol, make sure that you consume it in moderation. 

Steroid Safety

There have been a lot of misconceptions about the substance, and many assume that it’s going to create havoc for those that use it. 

The truth of the matter is that it’s safe, easy to use, and with a proper guide to safety, can be utilized in a variety of ways to help the body heal, get stronger, go faster, and reduce the risk of major injury.

Simple Guidelines Anabolic Steroids

Only Adults Should Use Them – Neither men nor women, need to take performance enhancing drugs. They are still in the development phases, and while there are some that skirt the issue, this is a matter of general safety. 

There is always going to be a level of exception to any rule, but this is a generalization that requires an age limit. Only adults of full development stage should utilize this in any form.

Should Be Your Last Line of Support – It’s important to not rely on the idea that you can easily buy steroids and then just get magically bigger and better. They do not work that way. 

A great deal of work in the gym, diet, exercise and more has to be done in order to see results. Not only that, it’s important that this is not the first thing that is attempted, but rather, all other options are exhausted and this can only improve on those attempts.

Consult a Doctor – This is something t hat most don’t do, and that’s simply finding a doctor to consult. Get a full battery of tests to make sure that you are not in bad shape at all.

Any number of factors can interfere with your goals of using steroids properly. 

Find an open minded doctor that has read up on the latest research, and take the time to become their friend to a point w here you can get honest answers about using this supplement properly. 

You’ll be surprised on how much information you can ascertain when you find the right doctor.

The above simple guidelines are just quick ideas that you’ll need to adhere by. Another quick note should be taken, however, and that’s simply to make sure that you that you do not mix the substance with other things that would damage your system.

That means no other drugs or alcohol or abuse of anything that might diminish the purpose of taking steroids in the first place. 

When you start to fall off the rails or even abuse the substance and lose track of all the training that is required to succeed, you will end up losing control and that’s where it can be difficult to move forward within training. 

Don’t just take someone’s word for this, make sure that you follow the above rules, and research this properly.

It is always good to read Winstrol cycle reviews and know in details about the product before purchasing it. It is one of the most popular of all purpose steroids. 

Some use it in the cutting phase and stack it with Primobolan depot. Others use it for stacking with testosterone to gain strength and size. 

Using Winstrol for 4-6 weeks will bring great results and the steroid cycles also receive a boost. 

Since Winstrol has a short active life and the steroid is taken at a greater frequency in the form of tablets or injections, the results from the steroid are very quick.

Winstrol is popularly known as Stanzolo and is a man-made steroid. Hereditary angioedema is treated by this. It is also a popular steroid of bodybuilders particularly in the cutting phases when gained mass is maintained but fat is reduced. 

Winstrol is also known as Winny commonly and is available in oral forms as well as in injectable forms. 

Winstrol helps in gaining strength without gaining excess weight. Winstrol helps in gaining substantial muscle strength and hardness without increasing much body mass. 

The steroid is ideal in preparing for contests and for low calorie diets. The steroid has minimal Winstrol side effects and therefore safe.

However taking the steroid orally might cause some side effects like moderate liver stress, acne and increased sex drive. These happen mainly with high doses of the steroid. 

When Winstrol is taken independently, it does not help in great muscle gains, but quality gains and low weight. When combined with other steroids, it can help in having good muscle gains. 

The cutting steroid stack of Equipoise and Winstrol is legendary. People taking it will have greater strength without much increase in weight. A review of anabolic steroids for sale online, which contain ingredients, pros/cons, summary and many more. 

The information comprises of reviews and reports from the various sources pertaining to bodybuilding. The reports are based on the experiences of the users who have used the anabolic steroids.

Oral Steroids Cutting Stack

In the cutting cycle, Equipoise is a good steroid for muscle definition. It will be used to bring out the full potential of your physique by minimizing fat and water retention while at the same time promoting lean muscles mass. The Winstrol on the other hand has a very distinct ability to cut fat from any body part conducive to loose skin. 

This combination gives you an aesthetically pleasing look that immediately shows at first glance that you have been working out hard for awhile. Of course adjustments to training and diet may be necessary depending on natural metabolism and genetics, but this stack should further enhance those genetic limits.

How Cutting Steroid Cycle is Taken: How Cutting Steroid Cycle Works

What are oral steroids? They are an injectable form of a steroid. Oral steroids are used to keep the hormone in the blood during cycles. Since they are popularly known to have side effects, people prefer to use oral steroid forms over injectable forms. Some of the common orally ingested forms are Anadrol, Dianabol and Winstrol. Most orally taken steroids need prescriptions because they're known to cause liver damages which may lead to cancerous growths in that area.

The Cutting Stack or also called as "trio stack" includes Equipoise, Winstrol and Primobolan Depot/ Enanthate/Cypionate which could be taken orally. Winstrol is an effective steroid for cutting cycles because of its ability to hold nitrogen within the muscles while burning fat. On the other hand, Equipoise helps in adding strength and weight which gives it an edge over other steroids that are out there that only burns fat without gaining much muscle mass.

Primobolan Depot/ Enanthate/Cypionate will be taken throughout the cycle at 50mg per day to balance both Winstrol and Equipoise. This would keep estrogenic side effects at bay since Primobolan does not aromatize once injected intramuscularly. It has relatively weak androgenic effect, so virilization symptoms are kept minimal even when using high doses of Primo (200-400mg per week).

Anavar is a great steroid to cut fat and burn it. It stimulates the release of erythropoietin in bone marrow which results to increased red blood cell production thus improving oxygen transportation capacity during workouts leading to more intense training sessions. This will help you achieve your desired look faster as it enhances strength and endurance, making the muscles fuller without adding bulk. However, Anavar has minimal effect on muscle mass so aside from burning fat, this drug does little for contributing muscle mass.

For bulking purposes, testosterone cypionate or enanthate can be used at 700mg – 1000 mg per week but this depends on how lean you want the bulk of the gained weight to be. Thus an ideal stack for cutting would be 250mg of Equipoise, 50 mg of Winstrol and 100 mg of Primobolan Depot/ Enanthate/Cypionate per day. This will help you achieve your desired look without the excruciating pain that comes with burning fat.